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Salsal, the Great Buddha Statue of Bamiyan

may 28th 2023

In 2001, the Western Buddha statue (also known as "Salsal" or "The Great Buddha Statue") was demolished by the Taliban regime. According to Wikipedia, it took shelling by anti-aircraft guns and artillery, as well as dynamite charges and anti-tank mines to bring down this giant 55 metres (180ft) high Afghan buddhist monument.

Although attempts are being made to restore the leftover fragments into a statue again, one will never be able to see this statue in it's original state.

Unless offcourse, if you have View-Master reel 4285 Afghanistan! Slide number 5 has a full colour 3D photograph of how the statue looked in back in the 1950's!

This picture is in cross-eye. If you prefer parallel, click here. Click here to download in 4404x1986px.