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View-Master cameos

december 10th 2023

My View-Master friend Kees suggested this topic to me, thank you Kees! It's about View-Master slides that have View-Master items in them. If you know of any View-Master cameos I'm unaware of please let me know. Especially if it's on a single reel, because those are the ones I collect!

3031 Zululand

This is the most famous one I think. Slide number 7, titled '"Black magic" with a View-Master', has a View-Master model C in it.

745 Televivion stars I

Slide number 6, is titled 'Charlie McCarthy and Edgar Bergen'. Charlie has a View-Master personal camera.

C2812 The Royal Navy and Royal Marines II

Slide number 8, titled 'Aircrew briefing' is said to feature a View-Master model E with box.

Various demo reels

I guess these don't count as cameos, since View-Master is their main topic, but I'm showing them anyway, because I like them