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Harry zur Kleinsmiede auction

march 18th 2024

If you like View-Master, you will LOVE this auction held by Ronald Schalekamp of items from the Harry zur Kleinsmiede collection!

It starts on april 8th and ends on may 3rd 2024. Some of the lots have a "buy it now" option.

Some very special items are listed, like :

  • An Anheuser Busch commercial giftset with 14 special reels and viewer
  • The set "Mushrooms in their natural habitats"
  • A Lassie and Timmy View-Master giftset
  • A Michael Jackson Victory tour talking View-Master test reel!!!!!

    ...and many more reels, viewers and books.

    Visit https://airauctioneer.com/viewmaster-stereoscopic to check out this auction on "Air Auctioneer".